Monday, March 2, 2015

The Sex and Blood Show Ezine

Before I had started either this blog or the Sex and Blood Show blog I had the intention of publishing an ezine of movie reviews and articles oriented toward sleaze and horror in movies. That idea got shoved back as having the Sex and Blood Show blog and this blog occupied my time and frankly filled most of my intent with the ezine.

Well, enter Blogger (Google). They are no longer going to allow blogs with "explicit" adult content (just read that as "adult content") on their service after years of being a service that did. I'm certain there are several erotica writers and others who have used their service in good faith who are going to be scrambling to save their blogs in some way. But hey, it's all about the multi-billion dollar mega-corporation and not people, right? That was sarcasm.

With my Sex and Blood Show blog coming to an end by the latter part of this month I have been putting reviews from it on this blog, minus the screencaps and edited for content so as not to violate Blogger's content guidelines. It kind of takes the steam out of reviewing any adult or adult oriented movies in the future for this blog.

Well, there is still the ezine possibility. Rather than not review some movies that may be too inappropriate for this blog, I can still review them, with screencaps, and save the reviews for an occasional collection of "reviews I can't publish online" and put it out as the Sex and Blood Show ezine.

It will be an irregular publication. Depending more on when I have enough reviews and articles to justify publishing an issue. And being that I will be putting it out as an ezine rather than putting the reviews on a blog, I won't be as responsible in the screencaps I get. Here I was being conscientious in not posting screencaps that were too explicit, and well, that's what I get for trying to be a nice guy...there won't be any being a nice guy in the ezine!

The ezine will be made available as a downloadable PDF file so it can be read on any number of free viewers. Of course the ezine will be free too as if you are interested in any of the movies I review in it there will be links you can click through to get yourself a copy. That will of course net me a few pennies while the big business end gets mucho dollars...seems fair. O.o

Like I said, I will have to get enough reviews to make it worthwhile to publish an issue of the ezine, and I don't have a regular schedule of how much sleaze I watch within any given time period, so the ezine will be available at very irregular intervals, and I will have to find online file storage for it (to be read as "free") that will allow me to host an ezine with adult content. When available, I'll post it on my Twitter page.

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