About This Blog

A lot of blogs have their own sections or categories which leave a lot to the imagination about what each category is suppose to mean. This blog is no exception, so I am putting this page here to explain each of the categories.

Movie Reviews: Pretty self-explanatory.

TV Reviews: Reviews of TV episodes and specials. Most made-for-TV movies will go under movie reviews unless it is associated with a series.

From the Basement: My editorial/opinion/rant column and odd articles that deal with geek stuff or something that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Film & Filmmakers: News about upcoming releases, interviews, crowdfunding and anything else to do with films that is not a review.

Blog News & Updates: News about this blog and other blogs I may be working on, things to look forward to on this blog, and notifications about articles I may be publishing on other blogs.

The Video Shack: I don't review the movies here, I just talk about different things to do with movies, movie nights, video stores, renting movies, old VHS tapes, VCRs, DVD players, etc.

The Game Table: From board games to pencil and paper roleplaying to video games. This is my column on gaming.

Living or Dead: I list the cast members of older TV shows and their current status of living or dead.

Contacting Me

Though I have this info on the interview requests page, it bears repeating here. If you want to contact me about reviewing your film or any other subject you feel is pertinent to this blog you can contact me via TwitterFacebook or you can email me.

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