About This Blog

A lot of blogs have their own sections or categories which leave a lot to the imagination about what each category is suppose to mean. This blog is no exception, so I am putting this page here to explain each of the categories.

Movie Reviews: Pretty self-explanatory.

TV Reviews: Reviews of TV episodes and specials. Most made-for-TV movies will go under movie reviews unless it is associated with a series.

From the Basement: My editorial/opinion/rant column and odd articles that deal with geek stuff or something that doesn't fit anywhere else.

The Video Shack: I don't review the movies here, I just talk about different things to do with movies, movie nights, video stores, renting movies, old VHS tapes, VCRs, DVD players, etc.

The Game Table: From board games to pencil and paper roleplaying to video games. This is my column on gaming.

Living or Dead: I list the cast members of older TV shows and their current status of living or dead.

Toxic Fletch