Interview Requests

I am always happy to discuss movies with actors and directors, books with their authors, games with their designers and other subjects and people of interest. I don't claim to be a professional interviewer, I am not, just a fan.

In order to do an interview I'll do research online to develop a set of relevant questions. I do written interviews, meaning I'll email the questions to you as an RTF file and you can write your answers to them into the file and email it back.

I originally avoided doing interviews on this blog as I have had experiences in the past with interviews of spending several days researching and putting together interview questions and then never hearing back from them. So please inquire about an interview only if you are serious about going through with it.

To set up an interview you can email me. You can also contact me via Facebook or Twitter. Please provide any information about you, links if you have them, and any project you would like to discuss. I'll contact you back for further information and then work on interview questions for you.

Toxic Fletch