Friday, March 13, 2015

Movie Review: Hotter Than Hell (1971)

Hotter Than Hell (1971) - USA - Adult Comedy - Rated X
A.K.A. The Horny Devils
Directed by Al Mamar (Possibly a pseudonym)
Stars Ron Darby, Anna Travers, Annette Michael, Suzanne Fields, Judy Angel, John McGaughtery, Paul Dodge

Despite some good looking women, the tedious plodding, not particularly attractive men and jolting contrast from light to dark in this movie make it both a strain on the eyes and the attention span.

It seems souls going to hell are down and to increase the traffic, so to speak, Satan sends his two bumbling sons to earth to corrupt women, but as it turns out the women are the ones corrupting them.

Yes, I did have to pad my summary of the plot, as sad as that may seem. Maybe it could have gone something like 'guys with small penises and wearing funny outfits make out with women'. Admittedly that would not have been inaccurate as for a porn movie these actors are hung like infants compared to what you would expect in one. At best they are average guy next door types in size and looks, and their looks are nothing to get excited about. The girls on the other hand are quite good looking with nice bodies. So what we have here is your average no budget porn movie with unattractive guys doing hot girls. At least one part of that equation is not something one wants to watch.

In all fairness to Ron Darby he does have a good sense of humor and can be fun on screen with his personality. He has been in quite a few porn movies from the late 60s to the mid 70s while the industry was burgeoning. Unlike Ron Darby, a lot of the actresses in those early porn movies faded away quickly without even a footnote in history as to who they were.

As a porn movie, Hotter Than Hell is anything but. It has good looking women, but with such a lame plot and tedious sex scenes it would more accurately be called Boring as Hell. The early segment in hell before the boys are sent to earth is the most entertaining part, and despite being a dark scene it is well lit. Unfortunately the next scene in a white bathroom with a pale skinned woman in the tub is such a contrast in the light difference that the eyes trying to adjust so suddenly is screaming agony. With such good looking women as Anna Travers they could have done so much better. Sex scenes that move at a snail's pace combine with extreme, and I do mean EXTREME, close-up shots only add to the agony of the contrast in lighting.

My Rating: 2 Fingers, and only for some of the skin content and that's it. If you think it sounds like something that might appeal to you, I suggest putting on sunglasses just before the second scene starts.

This movie has been put out on DVD by Alpha Blue Archives and is available as a download from Something Weird Video under the title The Horny Devils.

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