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Movie Review: Octopus (2000)

Octopus (2000) - USA - Sci-Fi/Adventure - PG-13
Directed by John Eryes
Starring Jay Harrington, David Beecroft, Carolyn Lowery, Ravil Isyanov, Ricco Ross

An at times silly movie with some chaotic camerawork is ultimately entertaining by moving at a good pace and maintaining a tongue-in-cheek attitude despite all the death and carnage taking place.

During the Cuban missile crisis a Russian sub carrying an unknown but highly questionable cargo is sunk to the bottom of the ocean spilling its contents onto the ocean floor. 38 years later in Bulgaria an international terrorist bombs a U.S. embassy. Having been caught by an analyst working for the CIA, the U.S. wants him badly and has to work quickly to transport him to avoid his escape. The only means of transport available is by a submarine with a rather unorthodox commander and an attractive female scientist on board to explore a region known for many ships disappearing. As a terrorist plot unfolds to free the bomber, something else is lurking in the ocean depths neither side anticipates.

From a rather somber beginning, this movie picks up quickly once aboard the submarine. Even though death and destruction is the order of the day, our three protagonists, a ridiculously gun-shy CIA analyst, a ridiculously macho sub commander and a sultry female scientist who ends up out of her clothes ridiculously easily (just to her underwear), can't help slinging sarcastic quips of humor whenever at least two of them are in the same scene.

The main downside to this movie is the chaotic camerawork, though effective in creating a sense of chaos and claustrophobia, at times is too much to tell what is happening in a scene. The other downside for some might be picking this movie apart for its lack of realism concerning submarines. With regard to the latter, this is a giant creature movie, do you really expect it to be realistic?

Overall the movie is well paced and has enjoyable characters as the leads and ultimately is entertaining if you're not like an expert on things like submarines and marine life.

My Rating: 3 Fingers

Octopus is available on DVD. So is its in name only sequel Octopus 2.

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