Monday, February 20, 2017

Movie Review: Ice (1998)

Ice (1998) - USA - Adventure/Disaster Movie - TV Movie
Directed by Jean de Segonzac
Starring Grant Show, Eva LaRue, Audie England, Udo Kier, Flex Alexander, Michael Riley, Kyle Fairlie, Kristin Booth, Diego Fuentes, Art Hindle

Though watchable, a better element of believability and sympathetic characters would have made it a better movie.

Increased sunspot activity reducing the effect of the Sun warming the Earth is going to plunge the temperatures globally well below freezing. In the Los Angeles area where this story takes place, temperatures will drop to 80-100 degrees below 0 fahrenheit. A group of characters composed of a family, a cop and his girlfriend, a criminal and the scientist who predicted this disaster are trying to make their way to a promised boat that will take them to the equator where it will at least be survivable.

My biggest problem with this movie is in believing how cold it is suppose to be with characters wearing nothing more than simple coats, most not even wearing headgear or gloves; and yet it is suppose to be well below zero. I don't think the writers or makers of this movie have ever been out of the L.A. area. Even at 0 degrees someone would have severe frostbites just with a few minutes of exposure being dressed the way these people are. Perhaps it is a minor quibble, but living in an area that has a winter, and can get very cold, I just found it difficult to believe the story.

The other problem is these characters are constantly fighting with each other. I'm thinking it's probably not a good idea for them to get to safety for the simple fact they could possibly breed in the future and there would be a world with more of them.

The movie is watchable. It moves at a good pace. It also has Audie England and Eva LaRue in it, so for us guys at least the eye candy factor is there.

My Rating: 2 Fingers

It is not available on DVD but can be found on YouTube.

You can see more, and I mean a lot more, of Audie England in Zalman King's Delta of Venus.

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