Saturday, February 18, 2017

Movie Review: Inferno (1998)

Inferno (1998) - USA - Action/Disaster Movie - TV Movie
Directed by Ian Barry
Starring James Remar, Stephanie Niznik, Anthony Starke, Daniel von Bargen, Jonathan LaPaglia, Kathryn Morris, Fredric Lehne, Frank Birney

An entertaining enough TV movie that takes more than a few lessons from the 70s disaster movie formula.

An unprecedented solar flare, for our time anyway, is going to impact the earth. The result will be an increase in temperatures on a global scale with some places reaching upwards of 145 degrees fahrenheit or more. This will only last for a few days before the temperatures return to normal, but who will survive this extreme heat wave? The focus of this movie is on Los Angeles and the individual and interconnected stories of various characters including a doctor, a lifeguard, her stalking ex-boyfriend, a teacher who is also a reservist, a would-be bank robber, and a general tasked with dealing with this disaster.

Inferno takes a lesson from 70s disaster movies (e.g. Earthquake 1974) and runs with it. We are introduced to the threat at the start, then the characters and their individual stories. These different characters will cross paths at some point, either cooperatively or as a disruption. It worked well enough for disaster movies of the 70s and it works in this movie as well.

The main thing that was working against the movie for me was believing that these people were dealing with 130 degree plus temperatures and not collapsing, dying, and still having vehicles running. I just had to increase my suspension of disbelief.

My Rating: 3 Fingers

Though not available on DVD you can get a copy on VHS or you can find it on YouTube.

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