Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Movie Review: Supergator (2007)

Supergator (2007) - USA - Not Rated
Directed by Brian Clyde
Stars Brad Johnson, Kelly McGillis, Bianca Lawson, Josh Kelly, John Colton, Holly Weber

Enough of a movie to kill time with on the SyFy Channel, but lacking in anything else, especially with all the potential for sleaze gone to waste.

Hunky Brad Johnson plays a volcanologist leading a team of scientists and a reporter to study a volcano in Hawaii. Alas, paradise is interrupted by the presense of a prehistoric supergator, cloned from prehistoric DNA ala Jurassic Park, that has escaped from a private preserve. Enter the scientist who cloned it and an alligator hunter, think Quint from Jaws with a semi-auto rifle and too small of a boat, and a bevy of girls running around in shorts and bikinis, as well plenty of tourists for the supergator to snack on.

For Syfy Channel fare this would be average, but this was a DVD viewing and it has nothing to offer that you can't find on SyFy any day of the week. With all the running around in bikinis and skimpy outfits, not one breast comes free. The sleaze factor in this movie is zero, and when you have Holly Weber in a movie running around in a thong bikini and her tits do not come out, that should be a criminal offense.

If you find it being broadcast or in a $5 DVD bin as part of a 12 movie collection, then it might be worth your while. If you paid for it by itself expecting more, especially since it's a Roger Corman (Mr. 70s movie sleaze himself) production, demand a refund.

My Rating: 2 Fingers

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