Monday, December 29, 2014

Movie Review: Blame It on Rio (1984)

Blame It on Rio (1984) - USA - Rated R
Directed by Stanley Donen
Stars Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna, Valerie Harper, Michelle Johnson, Demi Moore

A funny and bawdy story of lust, betrayal and broken friendships just falls short of a recommendation only due to underage nudity.

Two men having trouble in their marriages, and who work together, go on vacation in Rio de Janeiro; each taking their teenage daughter with them. One daughter seduces her father's friend resulting in a sexual trist between her and the older man, while he tries to hide it from both his daughter and his best friend, her father. Yet, her father knows something is going on and vows to find the man boinking his daughter, with his best friend, the actual culprit, in tow trying to confess to the affair but ending up having to pull his friend off of innocent older men he suspects might be her lover.

The four main actors in this romantic comedy rule in their respective roles. Demi Moore is particularly impressive as Michael Caine's smart and sarcastic daughter. Michael Caine wears awkward well in his character's affair with a much younger woman while Joseph Bologna is perfect as an over-suspecting and overly-protective father. The story is funny, especially the interaction bettween Caine and Bologna. Michelle Johnson is sexy as the younger woman smitten with an older man, and hence the problem.

I did not know when I first watched this that Michelle Johnson was only 17 when she did this movie and full frontal nudity in the movie, needing some kind of legal release from her parents to do it. Though that will appeal to some, I find it awkward to watch the movie after that discovery. If you can watch an edited version on TV it lacks the awkwardness but keeps the story. I found the movie itself to be a solidly funny and sexy romantic comedy, awkwardness aside, despite continuity goofs with Michael Caine's hair (it alternates between permed and not permed throughout the movie).

My Rating: 2 Fingers, due to the underage nudity. The TV version without the nudity would be 4 fingers, and until I found out about it I would have rated the movie 4 fingers, but I cannot recommend it after the fact.

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