Saturday, February 20, 2016

Is Blake Lively Being Slandered?

Right up front, I would say she is being slandered.

Page Six and other News Boobs picking up the story are reporting that Blake Lively refused to uncross her legs while sitting in the front row of a Michael Kors fashion show, even after be told to do so by the chairman of the fashion show.

Can you just feel the misogyny in this?

Oh, wait. The part about it being for the photographers so the attendees legs don't get in the way of their shots, well, that would explain it, right?

That's bunk!

Oh, it's for the photographers alright. But it's not for the reason the News Boobs are reporting. There are many, and I mean many shots from the fashion show with Blake Lively in the background. Page Six spins this as Blake Lively being lucky enough to sit in the front row, when in actuality the fashion show is lucky enough to have Blake Lively sitting in the front row, and the photographers are clearly taking advantage of it as there are even shots of Blake Lively with only a part of the runway model showing. But in those shots, Blake Lively is sitting with her legs crossed.

In body language, crossed legs means one of two things. One is a defensive posture, the same as crossing your arms, but that's not what is at issue here. The other is it represents an in-change posture, and that is looked upon as masculine. Blake Lively's posture just simply wasn't compliant, as apparently sexist News Boobs and others think a woman should be.

Blake Lively is certainly being slandered, in my opinion, for not being "in her place", as some would like to think a woman should be. The photographers certainly weren't hurt by her crossed legs as evidenced by all the photographs taken of the beautiful woman.

Yeah, suck on that, Page Six.

*Unlike the News Boobs at Page Six and other outlets reporting this story of earth-shattering importance in the scope of world events (it's sarcasm!), I am not representing this as anything other than being my opinion.

Aww..thankya...aww tahkya very mush!

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