Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Indie Film Crowdfunding: The Electra Complex

The Electra Complex is a feature length film written by Clarissa Jacobson and Jessica Janos, directed by Jessica Janos and starring Violet Paley and Kansas Bowling as two punk rock conceptual artist strippers destroying Hollywood circa 1992.

Time and Place: Hollywood, 1992.  

What Was: Beepers were in, G.G. Allin was alive. Ecstasy was cool and a sick house in the hills was selling for under half a mil.

What is: Too bad Rachel Keith, squatter punk, 19, only has five...  


Jessica Janos, from an interview on We Are Moving Stories talks about her upcoming project:

"Electra Complex, a feature film I wrote with Clarissa Jacobson. Set in early 90s Hollywood, it’s about two punk rock, conceptual-artist strippers. Our logline is: Pussy. Brains. Punk. FUCK YOU!!! I’m yet to see how effective that logline is, but this is a funny, deep, dirty, sexy, sad, victorious story and so fun to read."

Guy Jackson said of the screenplay:

"For my money, THE ELECTRA COMPLEX is also one of the single best feminist screenplays I have ever read. It pulls off that win by setting its audience up for a Sleaze-A-Thon of sex, drugs, strippers, and women making seemingly horrific life decisions, and all seeming for the benefit of the leeriest of audience members...THEN reverses that flow in A Flow Reversal Miracle that'll make men question every dark thought they've ever had about women and make women cheer. It's a reversal that also achieves an extraordinary substance, it turns a new angle of spotlight on maltreatment of women."

This is Independent Filmmaking. There are no billionaire studios getting big business support in exchange for screen credits. These are filmmakers who have to pay their own way, and pay for everything. They depend on the support of regular people like us and not freebies from big business. As such, this film is being made in parts, as many independent films are, as they are able to get the funds. You can help them to make the next part.

Support this indie film by donating on their IndieGoGo Page.

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