Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Apocalypse Is Coming; Well, Sort Of...Maybe

Sometimes on Friday nights I have what I call a Friday Night 80s Party on my Twitter page, and synchronous with my Facebook page. This event usually consists of my posting links to 80s music videos from YouTube, as well old commercials, snippets of TV programs, and other nostalgia. Each episode, as I call it, has a theme.

This week's theme is a prelude to the coming inauguration of Donald Trump, and the inevitable political apocalypse and economic collapse at the hands of this tyrant and his GOP hate group. This week's theme is #80sApocalypse, with music videos with apocalyptic lyrics, images, or themes associated with the apocalypse. It's not as difficult as you would think finding 80s songs and videos with apocalyptic associations; being the cold war and nuclear arms race were big concerns at the time. But, a difficulty has arisen.

I don't do episodes of Friday Night 80s Party live. Each episode runs from 8pm to 9pm, basically slightly more than an hour, but it takes a lot more than an hour putting an episode together. In order to accomplish this I use scheduled tweets through different services. Twuffer has been my primary scheduler, with Future Tweets and Twittimer being backups. The reason for backups is mainly because Twuffer can only be scheduled for 5 minute intervals whereas the others, with varying degrees of success, can be scheduled to the minute allowing me to fill some time if I'm linking to videos with shorter running time, or if I want to post comments between the videos and other content. 

The reason Twuffer has been my primary is because of its reliability. Well guess what? Twuffer is down. Well, this leaves me with Future Tweets and Twittimer. Being that Future Tweets has occasionally failed on delivering a scheduled tweet and Twittimer has a limit of 10 scheduled tweets without a paid account, and being that Twittimer was down earlier today, this has me on my toes hoping the episode this week is successfully completed.

I always monitor each episode as it is tweeted anyway. I am going to backup my scheduled tweets in case of failed tweets, or if one of the services goes down. Hopefully the episode is a success, or pretty close to it.

I's suspects a GOP conspiracy is at hand. ;)

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