Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Took Off A Little More Than The Summer

I had not intended to take a break from movie reviewing and otherwise tending to my blog, and certainly not for so long. Nothing was wrong, I have just been working a different job and with the summer and especially the summer holidays it has been quite a bit of work.

I have mostly just been online checking my email and doing some occasional online shopping. Pretty much the same thing as most internet users. My laptop did develop problems with its power supply, actually the power supply connector of the laptop itself, preventing me from using it while it is plugged in. Being a few years old it holds a charge for an hour or so limiting the amount of time I can be online.

I pretty much watched movies and worked during the summer months. Aside from neglecting my blog I also gathered quite a backlist of movie reviews to write. But just going to have to take them one at a time and concentrate more on movies I haven't seen, and if I happen to get to my backlist too then that will be all the better.

I'm going to also be doing tech reviews on this blog. Being that some of my online shopping has been for an internet tablet and I've been looking at media players and the possibility of a new cellphone, I thought it would be a good idea to take my recent product experiences, not necessarily a lot of good experiences in there, and share it with others who hopefully will use it to make better choices than I made and won't spend as much as I ended up spending.

Stay Tuned

Toxic Fletch

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