Monday, February 23, 2015

Movie Review: Lord Farthingay's Holiday (1972)

In anticipation of having my other blog shut down because of Blogger saying they will now not allow adult blogs, specifically pictures and/or videos with graphic nudity (ambiguous as usual for Google I know), I am taking my reviews from The Sex and Blood Show and posting them here, minus the pics. This has been previously published by me, just edited for content so I can't be accused of using graphic, or overly graphic language.

Lord Farthingay's Holiday (1972) - USA - Adult Comedy - Rated X
A.K.A. Afternoon Tease 
Directed by Charleton Roberts (Joseph F. Robertson)
Stars Donna Young, Alida Tennant (Anna Travers), Casey Lorraine (Casey Larrain), Sandy Dempsey, Ron Darby

An at times slow movie for only 60 minutes is really brought up by the more than delicious beauties on screen naked and having sex.

Lord Farthingay, a British chap no less...righto, is arriving in the states for a holiday (that'll be a vacation for us yanks...jolly good). He will be staying at the Van Updyke estate, home of the snooty, but damn fine, Mrs. Van Updyke.

To make Lord Farthingay's stay an enjoyable one, Mrs. Van Updyke instructs Jeeves the butler to have some musicians play at poolside for the Lord, and I don't mean for church. Looking up For Teas in the yellow pages, Jeeves gets momentarily distracted and when returning his attention to the yellow pages he ends up calling the listing For a Tease which is a sex for hire business, and unknowingly orders a trio of prostitutes for his lordship. Needless to say, Lord Farthingay is in for a hell of a holiday.

The setup of Lord Farthingay's Holiday is basic, as I have summarized, and beyond that it is simply naked women and men having sex interspersed with a few occasional moments of humor. At times the movie does drag, but the women are paricularly attractive with nice bodies which more than makes up for the occasional slowness of the film. Anna Travers, a creamy skinned redhead with near perfect breasts, is exactly what I want for Christmas, and Casey Larrain is just damn fine and gets additional kudos for staying in character throughout the movie. 

Though there appear to be some attempts at showing penetration on camera, there are fewer gynecological close-ups than with a xxx movie which makes this film more ideal for those who don't want in-your-face genitals and other things but still want to see more of an x-rated movie than what an r-rated movie will show. Lord Farthingay's Holiday just verges on porn without actually going there.

My Rating: 3 Fingers. For the good looking women and the amount of nudity. Though X-rated, this is not XXX and probably would not appeal to hardcore porn fans.

Lord Farthingay's Holiday is available from Something Weird Video's website as a download. You may be able to find it on DVD from a seller, though Amazon does not have it.

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